About us

Answers to your basic questions about Godmother.


What is Godmother?

Godmother supports the ❤️ of your business. We do coaching, training, and tactical support for your brand. 

We are brand transformation specialists.

  • 30+ consultants worldwide

  • Proudly independent and owner-run

  • Expertise in strategy, research, marketing, and branding


What does Godmother provide?

Godmother delivers brand support services.

Our service ranges from support in design, marketing, planning, advertising, branding, and everything in between.

  • 1-on-1 coaching for you and your team

  • 25+ different programs

  • Customized brand training for your team

  • Unlimited branding: call, text, e-mail, or in-person

How much does it cost?

We charge hourly rates without hidden fees. You only pay us for the time we use and nothing more.

Our services are 30-40% cheaper compared to traditional agencies and management consultants.

  • Brand Coaching starts at just ₱1,545 hour

  • Planning rates start at just ₱1,545 per hour

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Who is Godmother for?

We work with the powerless, the voiceless, and those companies whose chances were denied by being too small or insignificant

The typical customer we have are businesses who need guidance on where to go or what to do. The clients we have hire us to validate an idea, or are simply looking for a second opinion.


How is Godmother different from other agencies?

First of all Godmother is NOT and will NEVER be profit-driven.

Our goal is to donate 100% of our profits to charities by the year 2023. You can read about our mission here

This means everything we do today and in the future will support people, not our pockets.

Secondly, our products and services have NO strings attached.

We are not interested in market share, in your marketing budget, industry awards, or in competing for clients. We just want to help anyone do branding on their own, and use the money we make to support children who need it.

And third, we are a remote company.

Since the very start, our goal was to be a remote company run by remote teams. We work with people from all over the world and we want to remain flexible so we can easily adapt, expand when we need to, or scale down when we don’t.

Working remotely does not only help us find the best talent and create a healthier & happier work environment, it also drives prices down since we no longer have to maintain a traditional corporate office setup.

When we save money by lowering our costs to operate, our customers win by getting the best possible pricing compared to agencies that maintain rent.

Is Godmother non-profit?

Not yet. But that's where we're headed.

A non-profit branding agency?

Bingo. Why not?

Most agencies do work for economic reasons, where the ultimate aim is to make a profit.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with making profit for services rendered, we also see nothing wrong in giving it all away for our own selfish reasons.


Who are the people behind Godmother?

Godmother is managed by Gen Millare in the Philippines.

Gen is the Director for the ASEAN region. Godmother's executive advisor is Henrik Essen of the Essen & Essen based in Europe.


Where is Godmother based?

Godmother is based in Manila, Philippines.


Why is Godmother doing this?

We want to create a better world though branding.

We believe that (1) businesses need help with their branding and (2) we can improve the lives of children. By choosing to solve both, we help everyone win.

We want to simplify branding and make it more accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We also want to donate 100% of our profits to charities that support children all over the Philippines.

  • Our goal is to reach non-profit status by the year 2023

  • Our priority as of 2018 are small businesses

  • We do not accept work from sin products and the political sector

How can Godmother help your brand?

We can help you:

1. Clarify your situation — so you'll know where you are and what lies ahead

2. Fix what's broken — so we can find ways to remedy them in immediately

3. Know your space — so you understand your peers, your competitors, and your customers

4. Improve what you have — so you can update and refine your actions and plans

5. Face reality — so you can get the truth of your situation and decide on a path forward


When do you call us

You can call us when you're unsure of what to do next. It can be as simple as creating a name, or it can be as complex as developing a new product, or planning for the future.

No challenge is too big or too small.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement from the start

  • Unlimited brand support for any area of your business

  • Get clarity on your situation for as low as ₱1,545.00 / hour

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