A force for good

How branding with Godmother helps create a brighter future.

At Godmother we’re devoted to helping disadvantaged children and those who are orphaned or at-risk.

Our plan is to create an international network of small businesses that support local communities in the Philippines.



Helping children who need it most.

In the Philippines, chronic malnutrition is at its worst. In a 2016 report, it’s said 3 out of 10 Filipino kids suffer from hunger and extreme malnutrition.

It is also estimated that 1.8 million children in the Philippines are orphans or have lost one parent. And more than 1 in 10 children are engaged in child labor.



Give what we receive.

We believe in sharing what we have.

Today, a fixed percentage of Godmother's profits goes to the charities we support. We double that amount every year, until 100% of our after tax profits go to charity.

Kid by the Ocean


Create change through branding.

Better branding creates brands that care about the world around them.

By helping companies become more effective, Godmother empowers them to do even greater things for humanity in general.


A better world through better branding

We believe that by helping companies become better brands, they are able to create a more meaningful business that can help communities all over the country.

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