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Paid monthly

✔︎ Your team and ours

Full collaboration

✔︎ Dedicated Support

Get help on any challenge*

✔︎ Priority Support

Priority calls & e-mails**

cancel anytime^

*use your 30 hours to ask our coaches for help on just about anything

**get access to your coach via calls, texts, and e-mails during office hours excluding weekends and holidays

^no commitment to pay the next month



Pay one-time

✔︎ 1-on-1 or with your team

Bring up to 3 people

✔︎ Structured learning

Follow a step-by-step program

✔︎ Your own pace

Go fast or go slow^^

cancel anytime*^

^^finish the program in a week or in a month

*^no commitment to finish the program



Pay by the hour

✔︎ 1-on-1 support

Ask about anything, anytime.

✔︎ Fast & Flexible

Schedule a call or a meeting in-person^^^

✔︎ Digital Summary

Get a digital summary + Action Steps

30-min free trial

^^^meeting In-person or On-site will have additional costs to cover travel and preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand coaching?

Brand coaching is a brand advisory service by Godmother. It’s like a sports coach but for your brand.

Is coaching the same as consulting?

No they are not. Consulting is expensive and is normally a dependent relationship. Coaching on the other hand is personal and creates independence.

What is priority support?

Priority support means you get access to your coach through calls, e-mails, or texts during office hours assuming. It’s best to set a regular schedule so your coach can block that time in advance.

What is full-collaboration?

Full-collaboration means you get access to either one of the assigned coaches on your account to the relevant coach who understands your situation better.

Do sessions in the SMALL BIZ last 1-hour each?

While each session was designed to be finished in under an hour, there are instances where they go over an hour.

What does cancel anytime mean?

This means you are in no obligation to continue on the next month or finish a programmed session.

Is my payment refundable?

Payments made are non-refundable especially unless it was made in error

What does unlibranding mean?

Unlibranding means you can get help on virtually anything in your allotted time period of 30 hours per month. Help can range from planning, strategy, research, and design consulting.

What happens when my 30 hours per month are used up?

Discounted hourly rates will apply or you can buy additional chunks of time as add-ons.

So instead of paying ₱1,545 per additional hour for that same month, you only pay ₱833.00 per hour or you may buy 10-hour blocks at just ₱6,000 (60% savings from the list price).

You are essentially buying 30-hour blocks at a discounted rate per month with the SME program.

What is progammed learning?

Programmed learning means there is already a lessons set in advance and you go through each lesson as a session knowing exactly what to expect for that session.

For example, in one of the Branding 101 sessions, Session #3 is about Taglines, Mantras, and Slogans and you can expect the discussions to center on that topic.

What does pay by the hour mean?

This means you buy hours of our coaches and you use them on your business as you see fit.

Can I get another free trial?

Of course! Just send us a message so we can send you a voucher.

What is 1-on-1 support?

1-on-1 support means your coach can focus on just you and your needs for that time period.

You can ask as many questions as you want, and your coach will give you all the answers to your questions on the spot if they can.

What does fast & flexible mean?

Fast and flexible means you can cover as much ground as you want. It also means you can schedule the sessions to be In-person or On-site and these 2 options will cost an additional fee.

What is a digital summary

A digital summary is a complete review of what you have discussed with your coach during your session.

It will detail the main themes of your conversation, as well as the main challenges you face and the prescribed solutions.

What are Action Steps?

Action Steps are step-by-step procedures on how to do a specific task that you inquired about. If you want to audit your competitor for example, your coach will send you a numbered list of steps and sub-steps.

What’s included in the free trial?

The free trial is a 30-minute call that you can schedule so you can try out the coaching service at no-risk to you.

Can I replace my coach?

At the moment we are unable to do this. You may set your preference before the payment is made.

Godmother knows how to take care of any business and that’s why I recommend them to all our clients.
— Rudolf Kotik, CEO, RK Franchise Consultancy


Branding made super simple

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